Guaranteed Acceptance Senior Term Life Insurance


The American Legion Auxiliary Guaranteed Acceptance Senior Term Life Insurance Plan, underwritten by the Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company, covers you for up to $10,000 in benefits - without having to take a medical exam or answer questions about your health.

In other words, your acceptance is guaranteed. Unlike other health plans, you cannot be turned down for any reason.

Upon your death, the money goes straight to your family or whoever you choose as your beneficiary. They and they alone decide how to use it: to pay off a debt, settle funeral or cremation costs, buy groceries, pay the electric bill, or simply bank for a future expense.

You choose the coverage amount that is best for your household. And, here is an example of the benefit amounts and the monthly costs for an American Legion Auxiliary member at age 65:

  • Benefit Amount:              $5,000          $10,000*
    Female Monthly Cost:    $15.90          $31.80
    Male Monthly Cost:        $23.15          $46.30

*AGE REDUCTION: Benefits reduce to $5,000 at age 80, with a corresponding premium adjustment.